Career Services

The Illinois State Council for the Society for Human Resource Management (Illinois SHRM) is pleased to announce services related to career advancement and employer/recruitment services.

 ILSHRM Job Board

HR Job Board and Resume Posting Services

We are pleased to offer a state-wide job search resource at no charge to HR professionals seeking new career opportunities in the human resources field. Details are outlined in the following section “Job Seeker Services.”

In addition, this job board provides employers seeking qualified candidates with a resource for their staffing requirements. Refer to the following section “Employer/Recruiter Services” for details.

We hope you will review the Illinois State Council job board resources and take advantage of the services we can provide to assist in career advancement initiatives.

Job Seeker Services

  1. Job Listings – The new job board has been designed specifically for existing human resources professionals and those looking for opportunities to change your career goals. You can find jobs that are industry specific and located within the state of Illinois. These are targeted opportunities that cannot be found on Monster or other large job boards.
  2. Resume Posting – The job board gives job seekers the opportunity to post their resume anonymously. All their information is displayed in their resume except for their name and contact information. Job seekers can divulge as much information in their resume posting as they see fit. This service has the ability to keep active and passive job seekers connected to the employment market while maintaining full control over their confidential information.
  3. Job Alerts – We also have a Job Alert system that notifies job seekers by an e-mail of new job opportunities that match their search criteria. This means that job seekers never miss new opportunities and do not have to constantly search the job bank.
  4. Job Search Account – The service lets job seekers save searches, store jobs in their account, keep notes on job opportunities, communicate with employers using an internal messaging system, and more.

Employer Recruiter Services

  1. Great Candidates. By using the ISC Job Board recruitment services, you are given unparalleled access to our unique membership. Your opportunity will reach a large number of highly qualified passive and active job seekers.
  2. Job Broadcasting – When your job gets posted on the website, we send out an email broadcast to all job seekers that asked we notify them of new jobs matching their search criteria. This job broadcast gets more people to see your ad and more applications.
  3. Company Profile / Logo in ad. – You have the ability to create a free company profile, explaining your organization and the work environment in greater detail. This can include your company’s logo that will also appear in your ads.
  4. Pay-per-Use Resume Bank – You can browse all of our anonymous resumes, before you pay a cent. You will see everything on the resumes, except for the candidate’s name and contact information. You then have the opportunity to only buy the resumes that you are interested in. You only pay if the candidate is also interested in you.
  5. Job Posting and Viewing Resume Access Fees –¬†Employers can list job opportunities and search the resume bank at reasonable rates. Pricing is available on the website via the above link “ILSHRM Job Board.”