Workflex For All from SHRM

I have been in the HR game for a while now, and I am seeing big changes in what it takes to recruit and keep employees that are the type you want to hang around.  Study upon study have shown that one thing employees now desire from their employers is a fair amount of time off, without having their attendance being questioned.  However, what is a fair amount?

Many governmental agencies have tried to address this.  This has led to is a patchwork of legislation and laws governing the workplace.  There are state laws in some states, county laws and city laws defining what it is that employers MUST provide.   Now, it can be quite a challenge for multi-state employers to navigate the patchwork of laws in different cities, counties and states.   It also leaves other employer wondering when the “hammer” is going to fall on them and they will be required to provide a certain level of time-off, regardless of what they are currently offering.

So where is this going? The Society of Human Resources Management has been working on a solution for several years now, and it is now bill in the House of Representatives – House Resolution 4219  aka HR 4219 (isn’t it ironic “HR” is in the name of the bill).

All of SHRM’s State Director’s supporting #Workflex.

I have skin in the game on this bill. At some point in the process I attended a listening session on this matter. In the discussion, I was heartened to understand that my employer offers what is deemed to be a “fair” amount of time off as defined by the bill. This is no longer my opinion only, it is from an objective measure, that says we are a good place to work and provide a reasonable amount of time off for our staff.

Now what does the bill do?  It allows employers to opt-in to a program, that says if you offer an amount of time off that is equal to of greater than defined in the legislation, that employer will then be exempted from all the other laws governing time off for employers.  Your company or organization DOES NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE.   Employers, who choose to do so, would opt in to exempt their organization from other laws.


I suspect moving forward it would also be a way to communicate to prospective employees that they can have an expectation of a “reasonable amount” of time off is they chose to work for your organization.  I am sure some marketing genius with come up with a catchy tag line like… Don’t be vexed with your employer join us for Workflex.

At this point there has been a phenomenal amount of effort in turning this idea into legislation then getting it sponsored (Mimi Walters  CA – R) and introduced.  But there is a lot more work to be done by working HR pros. We are the people that are going to be affected by legislation like this, day in and day out.

This is a call to action to go read the bill.  Then if you, and/or your employer feel like you can support this SHRM needs your help. This bill needs emails, letters, calls, visits to district office, Capitol Hill visits to our legislators where we must tell them how this bill will help our organizations and that you request their support for HR 4219.

Please contact your State Council Legislative Chairs and tell them that you support this measure and you want to help them turn this “HR” into law.

If you want more on this I suggest you read another blog post on the matter written by my friend Sharly Lauby at her blogsite The HR Bartender.